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Student Drop Off and Pick Up Info

Due to the size of our campus and a high amount of walking students, we have four options at Brouillet:

  • Walk home from Brouillet or through Stahl’s path
  • Ride an assigned bus
  • Daycare Van
  • Parent Pick Up

Guests, families, students and staff follow these Safety Guidelines:

  • Parents and students must use a crosswalk or sidewalk at all times on campus.
  • When dropping students off or picking them up, please follow the direction of the arrows below. You may park and escort your child across the crosswalks, or pull up in the drop off lane. To keep the drop off line moving and to keep pedestrians out of the car lanes, students need to be able to independently enter and exit along the curb-side in the drop off and pick up lane. The driver cannot exit to assist.
  • At dismissal, walkers will walk to the front of the building and exit using the sidewalks along the parking lot and bus lanes. Walkers are also permitted to access the path to Stahl.
  • Parents who park or walk on to campus may wait in the front of the school for their child to arrive out front.

    To keep our nearby roads and neighborhoods safe:

    • Kindergarten: Our youngest students ride the bus, walk home, or can be picked up in front of Brouillet. Due to their ability to independently get in and out of a car in the pick up lane, we ask kindergarten parent pick up to park in the lot and walk to the front of the school to wait.
    • Grades 1-3 may ride the bus, walk home, or be picked up on Stahl’s campus. This keeps traffic flowing and our walkers safe.
    • Grades 4-6 may ride the bus, walk home, or be picked up on Brouillet’s campus since these grade levels have fewer parent pick ups. These levels may adjust to Stahl at anytime to help with safety in the parking lot and main roads. 
A map of Brouillet Elementary's Pick up and drop off.