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Principal's Message

Principal Beth Simpson

Beth Simpson, Brouillet Elementary Principal

Welcome to Brouillet!

When people ask, “what is Brouillet like” the top three words we hear are “welcoming, safe, and family.” We see these in practice every day. One of our focus areas is to make belonging essential. When students, families and staff have this foundation, the learning blossoms and we all grow together. 

As staff, we collaboratively build a social contract that includes a sense of belonging through being: mindful, considerate, reflective, patient, focused, and open-minded, along with attention to self-wellness—just to name a few. 

Brouillet Mission & Vision

At Brouillet, we cultivate authentically engaged learners and evaluate our impact to inspire and accelerate learning for all students.  As a community, Brouillet students, families and staff work together to be positively respectful, always responsible, working toward excellent growth, safe & successful.   

Our students know these as our Four Bs: 

  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible 
  • Be Safe  
  • Be Excellent 

We would like to thank our staff, students, and families for partnership and determination as we set new learning paths. We treasure this commitment to the great gift of education. 

Thank you to the parents who work with their children, and our staff, to support the home-school connection that is vital for student success. Your involvement is invaluable. 

Thank you to our WatchDOGs and PTA who continue to support our teachers and families through their presence, books, supplies, field trips, and community events.

Our staff and families appreciate your connections and dedication!

Finally, we thank our students for working to the best of their ability. 

Brouillet staff strives to create an environment where courtesy and kindness prevail and where there is respect for differences in people, opinions, customs, and cultures. We strive to meet all students and families where they are in their journey.

We are a school family, and we will work together to ensure the success of ALL! We look forward to seeing what each new generation brings to our society. 

Please watch for our weekly Brouillet News and individual classroom connections throughout the school year! 

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Beth Simpson