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Welcome to the Brouillet Library Information and Technology (LIT) website.

Our goal is to help students become effective users and producers of information, and we love to help students find great books to read as well!

Loan Periods

Kindergarten:  One book checkout....loaned out for one week.  Paperback books only. Books start out only staying IN THE CLASSROOM until students show they are being responsible. Then, they are allowed to take them home and back. 

Grades 1 - 6:  Two book checkout.....loaned out for 2 Weeks (most books can be renewed at least once)

Overdue, Damaged, or Lost Books

All Brouillet students are welcome to check out books from our library.  Students will learn to care for books when they visit the library each week. 

Please note, when books become damaged, a fine will be charged; when a book becomes wet or lost, the student is responsible to pay the replacement cost of the book.  Books are expensive, as a result, students will participate in lessons in how to care for their library books. 

If a student has an overdue book (has kept it past the 1-2 week check out due date), then check out will be limited until their book is either renewed or returned to the library.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!


Ms. Rose
National Board Certified Teacher-Librarian

Mrs. Casey
Technology and Library Paraeducator

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